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IslamSun of gOd, which logically states that this Sun is a conscious living organism, should really be trained in schools and universities all around the world. It is an educational tome, especially for blinkered people, that are indoctrinated to imagine from an early on age that organised religions will be the be all and end all of the human race’s very existence. Even individuals with a large viewpoint for the puzzle of consciousness, the Big Bang as well as eventual consequential explosion of humanity, which is now evolving in the futuristic state of Artificial intelligence, should study this philosophical and enjoyable, thought provoking book.

The Beloved Rasul of Allah, Knower in the Unseen, the Faultless turned his face far from him; he asked for the second time, nevertheless the blessed Rasul turned his head faraway from him again; when he called for third time Makki Madani Mustafa said giving good news of Ghaib (unseen): “Those two girls never have fasted, how (are they going to say) they fasted? They have been eating the flesh of men and women all day every day, go and inform them to vomit, if they have fasted.”

Each religion has elements for the far right and the far left with everything in between. Amongst Islam the most important divider is between Sunni and Shi’a. And then there are different varieties of worship between nation states and communities. Islam, as practiced in Iraq, is different than Islam in the United States. The World Almanac estimates there are over one billion Muslims in the world that span ethnicities from African to Arab to Southeast Asian. For the most part, thirteen million Jews are ethnoreligious and therefore they are either born in the Jewish ethnicity or transformed into the religion.

Standard Arabic does sound somewhat posh and formal to Arab ears, but at the very least it is certain to be understood by educated Arabs anywhere in the Middle East. However, some think it’s difficult in the beginning to be aware of local dialects, which may then often be grabbed with the Standard Arabic being a firm foundation!

Dichotomous to Gibreel characterization, Saladin metamorphoses into a Satyr-like creature, hairy of limb, pseudo-hoofed, erotically disposed, and embarrassingly horned. Which metamorphosed monstrosity encapsulated United States lifestyle in prosaic disapproval, using the observation: ‘O Proper London! Truly, dull will be the soul who didn’t prefer the faded splendors and hot certainties of a transatlantic New Rome, using its Nazified architectural gigantism, and which employs sizable oppressions to produce its human occupants think that worms. Reunited with Gibreel, after misadventures in their respective worlds of schizophrenic transposition, Saladin is dragged into the night; he feels the return of hatred since it fills him bottom-to-top with fresh green bile.’ Thus, diametrically opposed in psychological impression, both the become differentiated in developed existentialisms. And at last, inside the window of childhood, looking out to the Arabian Sea, they contemplate the complexities of life and attraction of death.

The recent surge in Islamic fundamentalism is a way to obtain worry and discomfort not only to the Western powers but nearly to any or all the regimes in the Middle East. This has been particularly true regarding countries which have vital interests in your community and whose technological development and way of life heavily is dependent upon the availability of their time derived from petroleum. These vast oil resources are controlled in the Middle East by Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia gets the largest petroleum reserves followed by Iran and Iraq. Iran possesses the second largest gas reserves on earth, estimated to are 1,200 years under the present a higher level global consumption. It has got the most literate (82.3 percent adult population) and highly educated population of 71.2 million, much exceeding that regarding each of the others combined. Its remarkable Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was 286 billion having an impressive 6.9 percent (2002-2006) annual growth rate of real GDP, despite all international economic sanctions against it. [The Economist, Pocket World in Figures, 2910 Edition, p. 263.]

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